On 15 th Feb 2019, we had an awareness program on “National road safety and Traffic rules”. Chief Guest for the day was Mr.WADIVELLAN (Assistant sub-Inspector). They spoke about how to follow the traffic, RTO ,awareness of wearing helmet and prevent overloaded transportation in order to be safe. They also gave a very useful information about “GREEN CORRIDOR “Project.


AICUF Volunteers visit to Jerome home for Destitute Widows on 13 th October 2018 organized by Rev. Sr. Mary Vijaya, Secretary of SHGFGC and Mrs. Neha Susan George, Assistant Professor,Dept of Humanities along with students of various Departments.

The Anti Ragging Cell

The cell organizes awareness program on ragging at the beginning of every year to curb any ragging activities inside or outside the College. The students are made aware of what comprises of ragging, punishment for ragging activities and whom to contact in case of being ragged. The cell also puts up anti- ragging posters/circulars on all notice boards to create awareness to the students.

Women Empowerment Cell

Being one of the most active cells in the college, the cell organizes many awareness programs on women and children throughout the year. The cell celebrates Women’s Day every year by organizing seminars and competitions. The cell also addresses various academic and personal grievances of the students in collaboration with the Grievance Cell and the College Counsellor.


It takes care of any complaints received from students by directing them to the concerned departments, persons, principal and management or to the committees.

The Health and Eco club

Health and Eco Club organizes programmes, seminars and competitions related to issues pertaining to health and environmental awareness. The club organizes health checks for students and staff every year. Competitions like “Best out of Waste”, waste basket making etc are organized. Documentaries related to environmental issues are also screened. The club hopes to make the college plastic free.

Alumni Association

Alumni Association was inaugurated on 15th September 2018. The College maintains a healthy relationship with its former students through this association. Every year President, vice- President and other members are elected to carry out the activities of the association. The committee holds informal meetings throughout the year and meets formally on Alumni Day once every year.

Parent-Teacher Meetings

Parent-Teacher Meetings are dedicated to empower parents to make a difference in education, health, and safety of their wards. Group meetings and individual one-to-one meetings are conducted to inform the parents about the activities of the college as well as the performance of the students. Meetings are held twice a semester. PTA is a platform to bridge the academic gap between parents, management and faculty members.