The English club is responsible for conducting annual English Fest-“Glamazon” with many creative competitions like debate, paint a poem, tableau, etc. The club collates reports for the college news letter- ‘Heartsian’ and for the College Magazine. It is also responsible for scripting and identifying and preparing students for compeering for various college programmes. The club conducts an add- on programme on Remedial English for the students and is making an effort to teach Basic English speaking to the non teaching staff. The Club also conducts seminars & workshops periodically .

Kannada Sangha organizes Kannada Basha Utsav and conducts many cultural and literary competitions every year. It also sends students to attend student seminars and competitions held in other colleges. The Sangha has plans to teach basic Kannada communication to non Kannada speaking students and staff of the college.

The Techno Club headed by the Computer science department conducts career guidance and career advancement programs as well as organizes the annual computer science fest- Techno Fest and conducts various competitions. The Club also conducts seminars periodically. The Club also conducts a programme on Java and Tally.

Journalism club aims at improving the writing skills of the students and to make the students aware of the latest trends in the field of media and print journalism. The club organizes visits to various publication houses to give a firsthand experience in printing and news collection. The club also organizes “Media and Journalism Day” and conducts competitions on Photography, News Editing, and Caption Writing etc.

Psychology Club

Psychology Club provides academic and personal counselling for students throughout the year. The club also arranges for visits to mental asylums, schools for disabled, NGOs etc. It also conducts various competitions and programs on Psychology Day.

Commerce and Management club conducts “Cognizance- Commerce & Management Fest” every year with many competitions like Best Manager, Product Launch, Mock Ads etc. Commerce club organizes add on courses like Tally, Portfolio Management for the students to develop their skills for employability.

It is in charge of the various Add-on-programmes conducted by the college. It functions very closely with the IQAC.

Sports Club of the college organizes annual sports meet every year. The club is also responsible for celebrating National Festivals like Independence Day and Republic Day. Students are trained to participate in sports meet conducted by other colleges. Various indoor and outdoor tournaments are held every year. ‘SMASH’-Inter college throw ball competitions is also conducted every year.

Hindi Sangathan aims at creating interest and love for the language. The club conducts various literary competitions on Hindi Basha Utsav. The club organizes screening of critically acclaimed Hindi movies to promote Hindi.